THE PROTOCOLS II In section two, the term AGENTUR is used. AGENTUR is a collection of agents both Jewish and Gentile. Both groups work together for the one pointed focus of Jewish world domination. Protocol II War will be used for economic gain and preferred than actual physical or territorial gains. Opposing nations will recognize […]

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This is a brief synopsis of THE PROTOCOLS Number I. This is not an article to validate the nature of their existence, purpose or reason. This is just one man’s interpretation of words as they have been written and translated which make up THE PROTOCOLS. There will be no assumptions on who spoke these words, […]

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Oy Vey! Auschwitz is Coming to America

Originally posted on saboteur365:
AUSCHWITZ BARRACKS. In light of increasing skepticism about the Holocaust, the Jews are sending out a traveling road show to educate the Goyim in the truth as the Jews see it. BBC The first travelling exhibition of objects from Auschwitz is set to go on tour in the hope…

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It’s the

It’s the happy face of anti-Semitism? It seems the creator Oshara Waago thinks so. She is a long time veteran of spiritual communities in California and Oregon. She created and ran three New Age magazines, enjoys bringing people together and loves to write. She wants to share her awakening of the Jewish hegemony to […]

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