THE PROTOCOLS II In section two, the term AGENTUR is used. AGENTUR is a collection of agents both Jewish and Gentile. Both groups work together for the one pointed focus of Jewish world domination. Protocol II War will be used for economic gain and preferred than actual physical or territorial gains. Opposing nations will recognize […]

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This is a brief synopsis of THE PROTOCOLS Number I. This is not an article to validate the nature of their existence, purpose or reason. This is just one man’s interpretation of words as they have been written and translated which make up THE PROTOCOLS. There will be no assumptions on who spoke these words, […]

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It’s the

It’s the happy face of anti-Semitism? It seems the creator Oshara Waago thinks so. She is a long time veteran of spiritual communities in California and Oregon. She created and ran three New Age magazines, enjoys bringing people together and loves to write. She wants to share her awakening of the Jewish hegemony to […]

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Derogatory terms

Can we stop using derogatory terms?

Speaking the truth without disrespect. Is it possible to use terms that do not evoke negative knee jerk reactions? Why is it that once someone uses the one-word-show-stoppers like “racist, Nazi, anti-Semite” all rational discussion becomes thwarted?

By design these techniques are meant to dislodge any true advancement of logical and effective debate and potential resistance.

If we start and continue to use derogatory terms when describing our adversaries, we are actually limiting our effectiveness and ability to make any real change.

For example could one recognize what appears to be the overwhelming presence and hegemony of the dual citizens of Israel in our government? Could US citizens talk about this issue without thwarting real discussion with show-stoppers and derogatory terms.

The POTUS may not be able to consider this until he acknowledges his shortcomings. Such as his view of 911 and the potential influence it has on his immigration policy.

Since there are various sources that have implicated that the Muslims were dancing in the streets and the Israelis were high five-ing while documenting the event, getting arrested with a van full of explosives and missing that day at their Twin Towers offices en masse, etc. shouldn’t we all reconsider our thoughts on the most recent changes to immigration policy.

Can we talk about these concerns without attacks, one-word show-stoppers and derogatory terms?

Excuse me Mr. President shouldn’t we be banning both religions from entering the US? This question may never be asked but how would you respond, what terms would you use to convey your position?

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This is where it ends!

The next level of truth suppression they enforce is economic. It takes this telling-the-truth to a new, potentially detrimental level. This is where you could lose your job. Clients suddenly drop accounts with you.   And your monetizing media venues could stop without warning. They flag your account, remove you from their reimbursement programs or flat […]

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